Jesse D. Berglund


Jesse Berglund is an attorney with Chestnut Cambronne, specializing in municipal prosecution, criminal defense, and estate planning.

Jesse has been a prosecutor since 2012, where he started as an assistant county attorney in Carlton County, Minnesota. Since 2017, Jesse has done municipal prosecution for several Hennepin County cities. Jesse has prosecuted cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies and he has extensive trial experience. Additionally, Jesse has argued cases at the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Through his prosecution experience, Jesse also has familiarity with juvenile delinquency proceedings, juvenile protections proceedings, civil commitments, and civil forfeitures.

Jesse also has considerable experience in criminal defense. Jesse understands state criminal procedure from charging, pre-trial, trial, and appeal, and Jesse is a determined advocate for clients. Jesse provides excellent representation on all charges, from misdemeanor to felonies, including DWI’s, drug offenses, thefts, and assaults, and he makes sure his clients’ rights are respected.

Jesse also has experience in drafting of wills and can greatly assist in planning of estates and protecting family members.

Jesse is a member of the Criminal Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association and also serves as a Judge Advocate Attorney in the United States Army Reserve. Jesse is a United States Army veteran and served in Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Afghanistan. Outside the office, Jesse enjoys hiking, traveling, and running.