Chestnut Cambronne is well known for its work in government relations. Led by Cort Holten, who has been recognized as one of the best in the profession by a vote of lobbyists registered in Minnesota, the firm's government relations practice group has successfully represented clients in the legislative arena for over 40 years, by protecting businesses from harmful legislation, enacting needed industry legislation, or pursuing special projects.

Although Chestnut Cambronne represents a variety of government affairs clients in several different areas, its focus is on representing the business community. The firm’s clientele is varied, ranging from Verizon Communications and Eli Lilly & Company, to the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association. Additionally, many small businesses and individuals seeking legislative assistance or protection have accomplished these goals by engaging Chestnut Cambronne.

Often as important as legislation is the administrative process of government agencies. Chestnut Cambronne is well experienced in guiding clients through administrative rulemaking and contested case proceedings, or, preferably, avoiding contested cases in the first place. While the firm has handled administrative cases in the Supreme Court, it has benefitted many more clients by resolving issues prior to litigation.

Some of the most valuable representation a client can receive in the government relations area is to be accurately advised as to the possibility of a legislative solution to a business problem.

The firm’s knowledge of what is possible at the Legislature and its ability to accomplish it, are talents that can make the difference between success and failure of a business impacted by legislative action. Chestnut Cambronne has an outstanding public record in successfully analyzing and effecting legislative policy development and has, on many occasions, achieved results thought to be unobtainable by seasoned legislative observers. The president of the Minnesota Printing Industry once observed "Chestnut Cambronne’s legislative representation has saved the industry millions of dollars."


Cort Holten