Chestnut Cambronne's white collar criminal defense group has successfully taken to federal jury trial cases with indictments under the Lacey Act, the Internal Revenue Code, the National Firearms Act; and trials with counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and securities fraud.

Some cases are more complex than others, and Chestnut Cambronne is uniquely positioned to handle the largest of federal white collar criminal cases because of its historical prosecutions of very large, document-intensive class action cases involving securities fraud and consumer fraud. For example, the firm has tried a six-week criminal fraud case involving 90 witnesses, thousands of pages of exhibits, and almost ten terabytes of electronic discovery produced by the government, the familiar resources and expertise available to our trial team made this undertaking completely manageable and provided a level playing field against the United States Department of Justice.

White Collar indictments come in all sizes and forms, and while most of our cases are not massive in scope, our reputation to take them to trial is. This inures to the client's benefit when settlement negotiations are the better course, but vigorously defending our clients is always paramount.


Brian Toder