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Chestnut Cambronne Announces New Partners

Chestnut Cambronne is proud to announce the following: current partner Lisa Henry has been elevated to income partner and current attorneys Nikki Appelbaum and Jennifer Crancer have both been designated as partners. Please click on the following links to learn more about Ms. Henry, Ms. Appelbaum, and Ms. Crancer and their respective practices: Lisa Henry, Nikki Appebaum, Jennifer Crancer.

Common Property Owner Questions Regarding Rent Control in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Chestnut Cambronne and its attorneys have been tracking the passage of rent control measures in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. The firm has produced the following document to help answer common legal questions property owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul may have regarding rent control. Please reach out to any attorney at Chestnut Cambronne with any questions you might have regarding these recent changes or any other property or business-related matter. Details can be found here.